CPM sees gold declining for 3rd straight year

As concern eases that global economies will falter, curbing demand for the metal as a haven.

Was Nevsun’s Bisha mine bombed by Ethiopia?

Nevsun says ‘act of vandalism’ took place at the mine.

Crummy chromite investment

Cliffs exits the Ring of Fire.

Dollar falls, gold rises as HSBC sees end to dollar Bull Run

Chart shows the strong correlation between the current gold price and the US Dollar Index as HSBC analysts suggests the dollar’s strong run could be at, or near, its end.

South Africa's mining strike season beckons

Uncertainty surrounds outcome of wage negotiations.

China gold demand ups when price dips

The gold price fall earlier this month seems to have restimulated Chinese demand.

Palladium ETFs see biggest weekly outflow since August

Palladium ETFs saw outflows of nearly 50,000 ounces in the week to Friday.

Copper bump

Falling dollar, mine issues push copper up.

Agriculture, Glencore’s next move?

As the industry awaits Glencore’s next move, the focus has been on whether it’ll make another run for Rio Tinto.

UPDATE: No Chinese banks in new London Gold Fixing system – yet

But Goldman Sachs and UBS are in.

Golden dragon

Barclays sees strong demand growth in China for gold.

Silver may bottom this year, with meaningful gains next

Silver is seen as falling further, despite a small supply deficit which could eventually lead to meaningful gains.

Northam holds its own

Smaller player outperforms bigger rivals.

Mining cash grab in Saskatchewan

A province, under pressure from oil prices, gets greedier for potash profits.

Why Goldman is wrong about commodity prices

Goldman delivered a dire commodities outlook earlier this year, but Philip Richards still sees buying opportunities. A Mining Report interview.

South African gold mining’s fall from grace

The ever-continuing gold output decline could be exacerbated by new wage negotiations.

Battered Africa gold valuations to spur mines sales

Gold mining companies are now being forced to shape up to stay afloat.

Will rare earth metals make you rich?

Is Electio’s offering worth the risk?
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