Has gold mine cost cutting run its course?

Acacia Mining’s Q1 financials show a sharp unit costs rise – is this a sign that mining cost cutting capabilities are already petering out?

Signs 'flashing red' on debt, Fed's return

GOLD EQUITIES: UBS' commodities team, bullish on gold, sees equities and gold driving up with signs of deteriorating US economy.

Anglo to maintain iron-ore output forecast even as prices drop

Iron ore prices fell 52% over the past year.

Sprott makes $898m unsolicited bid for gold/silver trusts

Plans to make an unsolicited offer to buy Central GoldTrust and Silver Bullion Trust.

Zinc bull story to keep rolling

Base metal is full of surprises (and not always good).

Uranium outlook positive but perhaps not outstanding unless…

Uranium has been one of the best performing commodities over the past year, but only because it was rising from such a low level. So now what lies ahead?

Iron mine closures to offset low-cost supply growth - CLSA

'The current softened situation of supply and demand in iron ore will be most likely to continue in the short to medium term'.

Bet on junior gold mining stocks

Buying the right stocks now will make investors a lot of money in the future, says Kal Kotecha of Junior Gold Report.

Better to be in gold than in the stock markets - Griffiths

The first day of the 121 Mining Investment Conference included warnings of a serious bear market in equities ahead.

Teck cuts dividend for first time since '08

Coal is Teck’s biggest business, accounting for 39% of its revenue last year.

Russian central bank gold buying back with a vengeance

Russia has announced a 1 million ounce increase in its gold reserves in March so is back on the gold buying trail in a big way.

The mystery of China’s gold stash may soon be solved

The IMF is looking for answers.

Central banks to keep buying gold - RBC

RBC weighs in on reserve buying and forecasts 2015 gold appetite by central banks.

'Companies need to change the story'

In the latest Gold Report interview, analyst Derek Macpherson looks at three resource companies that have done the impossible - increased in value 30% this year.

BHP spinoff’s tailspin is dream for X2’s Mick Davis

South32 is still a target for deal hunters, with some analysts expecting its earnings to rebound when prices recover.

JSE trading idea: eyeing platinum

Ambitious traders might want to take a punt on platinum.

Copper bulls backing away as China woes trump supply concerns

China worries have some analysts sounding the alarm on copper.

Is gold tide beginning to turn?

Some mainstream analysts predict better things ahead for gold and other precious metals, although this is not a unanimous view.

Big iron holds firm as price outlook nears Rio’s fantasy land

The wisdom of the big miners is being tested.

China silver stockpiles surge

The global benchmark price has fallen 17% in the past year.

Uranium is looking more attractive

Simon Tonkin tells us how the uranium investment space works. An Energy Report interview.

Rio Tinto warns of ‘continued bumps’ in iron ore

Vows to stay focused on slashing costs to be the last man standing.
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