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[PODCAST] The Steinmetz Affair

Beny Steinmetz’s BSGR has had the charges against it dropped in its case with Rio Tinto.

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Rough diamond bubble bust (Part 2)

What can be done to save the diamond trade?

In the midst of the commodity rout, chocolate is not a bad idea

For soft commodities the worst is still come.

ArcelorMittal South Africa jumps by record as share sale priced

Company will use the proceeds 'to reduce current debt levels'.

If China killed commodities super cycle, Fed is about to bury it

The gains in the dollar will make it harder to mop up excesses in raw-materials supply.

Why China's steel mills won't cut back on production

Extend and pretend, commodities style.

Iron ore drops to new low as China’s demand hurt by steel cuts

Low cost producers are still profitable: Citigroup analyst.

The boot is on the other foot in the battle between Beny and Rio

RICO counts dismissed as US courts find for Steinmetz and against Rio Tinto.

Steel prices depend on 'supply discipline'

As oversupply continues to vex the steel market, is there any upside potential?

Where have all the dealmakers gone?

Risk aversion in the midst of opportunity.

BHP facing downgrade pressure

With or without protected dividend.

Michael Curran goes down market shopping

You may have to cast your net further than existing producers to find value.

JSE-listed miners turn to equity markets

How quickly can cash be raised on the JSE and how does a substantial US shareholding/ADR impact on timing?

Northam's new furnace: A positive signal

Foreign direct investment into the much maligned platinum industry should be taken as a positive sign.

Silver losing its shine

Physical market expected to be in an annual deficit this year.

Keaton discontinues operations at Vaalkrantz

Miner is currently negotiating sale of the troubled colliery.

Lonmin shareholders approve crucial cut-price rights issue

Concerns over viability of business remain.

Teck bites the bullet

Peddles back dividend as metal prices continue pullback.

Uranium: the commodity with upside potential

A ‘violent increase’ in the price could be on the cards.

Lucara's immense diamond discoveries

Lucara Diamond Corporation discovers 1 111 gemstone.

Gold Fields soars on South Africa mine turnaround

South Deep mine improvement sees shares jump 20%.

Was billionaire Steinmetz betrayed over diamond mine?

The diamond mine in Sierra Leone is at the centre of the dispute.

Glencore’s renewed slide pressures Glasenberg debt-cut plans

If all else remains unchanged, it’s going to be back to the drawing board - analyst.

Don’t bet on Asian middle class to lift gold, China pioneer says

Increased demand won't make a difference because market is dominated by financial issues.

Lonmin shareholders should vote against the rights offer

Shareholders are being asked to carry the can for others' failures.


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