Outotec to provide technologies for Namibian copper smelter

Finland’s Outotec and Namibian Copper Smelters, a Dundee Precious Metals subsidiary has agreed a contract for technology design and delivery for the upgrading of the latter’s Tsumeb copper smelter.

Outotec and Namibia Custom Smelters have agreed on the design and delivery of a gas cleaning system, sulphuric acid plant and related technologies downstream of the existing copper smelter in Tsumeb, North Province of Namibia. The total value of the contracts to be booked in Outotec’s 2012 order intake is approximately EUR 130 million (US$172 million). In addition, Outotec is negotiating the associated construction package which potentially will increase the order value.

Namibia Custom Smelters, a subsidiary of Canadian-based international mining company Dundee Precious Metals, operates an Ausmelt copper smelter on toll treatment basis in Tsumeb. Toll treatment is a service provided by custom smelters for mining companies who do not have their own downstream smelter operations to recover metal from the ore. The smelter receives a payment for the treatment.

Outotec’s scope of delivery includes the basic and detail engineering, procurement and supply of a gas cleaning system and sulphuric acid plant, an effluent treatment plant as well as a sulphuric acid tank farm with rail and truck loading station based on proprietary Outotec® technologies. The acid plant is expected to produce annually 230,000 – 320,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid. Outotec’s delivery also includes two Peirce Smith converters, equipped with high efficiency converter hoods for maximizing the sulphur dioxide and impurities capture at the converters. The project is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2014.

The new gas cleaning system and sulphuric acid plant will process the off-gases from the copper smelter and the converters, reducing the emissions of the smelter and considerably improving the working and living conditions around the smelter.

“This project demonstrates the width of our technology portfolio and capabilities for providing sustainable solutions to our customers. We supply the entire chain of Outotec technologies and services to complement the existing Ausmelt smelter, which also nowadays belongs to our technology portfolio. With our integrated solutions Namibia Custom Smelters will have a world-class process plant that will meet the World Bank’s environmental standards”, says Outotec CEO Pertti Korhonen. 

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