The secret to junior mining equity success

If you want to be in gold equities, find ‘lean and mean’ precious metals producers, says Thibaut Lepouttre. A Gold Report interview.

CME developing European gold futures contract

The contract would mirror existing futures traded on CME’s New York COMEX platform.

It’s time to hold more cash and buy gold

Bank of America advises owning gold and paper currency at this time.

Demand for physical gold remains strong

Much of gold’s rise is attributed to disappointing U.S economic data.

Miners with resources that are right for today’s market

In this Gold Report interview, Eric Coffin suggests that companies with resources that make sense could be attractive to larger companies.

Gold’s biggest hoarders, by country

Top 40 reported official gold holdings (as at March 2015).

Five mining companies ahead of the curve

Joe Reagor highlights five companies flying under the radar of investors. A Gold Report interview.

Solar power’s cloud with the silver lining

Burgeoning demand for solar photovoltaic panels in large emerging markets may result in greater demand for silver.

Goldbugs, silverbugs or balancedbugs

What Au:Ag dollar sales ratios reveal about investors.

Gold’s day will come

Perhaps as soon as 2016, says Chris Mancini, an analyst with the Gabelli Gold Fund. A Gold Report interview.

45 year returns matrix for gold

Below is a returns matrix for gold since 1968.

Resources: This is the mother of all bear markets

This is the mother of all bear markets for the resource sector, says John Kaiser in this Mining Report interview.

BHP shareholders to vote on historic demerger

Vote will be held at concurrent meetings in Perth and London later today.

Banks try to criminalize the use of cash – Levenstein

Hold precious metals as banks try to criminalize the use of cash, writes David Levenstein.

Is Russia moving to a gold-backed currency?

A Washington Times opinion piece says that you should worry because Russia is hoarding gold.

It’s time for an iron ore reality check – Russell

There has been a strong rally in prices in recent weeks.

Bet on junior gold mining stocks

Buying the right stocks now will make investors a lot of money in the future, says Kal Kotecha of Junior Gold Report.

‘Companies need to change the story’

In the latest Gold Report interview, analyst Derek Macpherson looks at three resource companies that have done the impossible – increased in value 30% this year.

Separating precious metals saints from the sinners

Christos Doulis separates the precious metals saints from the sinners in this Gold Report interview.
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