Warren Buffett and Elon Musk to spark a lithium boom

The increase in demand for lithium may rise by orders of magnitude as batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles ramp-up.

Buy and ‘own Krugerrands’ says Jim Grant

Krugerrands are one of the cheapest and most cost effective ways to buy gold with very low premiums.

Gold price not being driven by fundamentals

Gold prices hold steady after last week’s bear raid.

Saudis expand price war downstream

The undisputed king of oil and gas is making some moves that could change the face of the global refining sector.

One in 10 gold mines now uneconomical

The plunging gold price has slashed margins for miners around the world.

What to make of gold

Did the flash crash in gold represent a last throw of the dice for the bears, or is it just another step on the yellow metal’s seemingly inexorable downwards path?

Gold is getting slaughtered – with or without Yellen

Two steps down and one step back seems to be the order of the day as gold continues to crash downwards.

Are shares of gold mining companies a ‘buy’?

To answer that question, you have to make three correct guesses, says Barry Ritholtz.

Gold update: Prices weaker on latest Greek bailout agreement

Global demand for physical remains robust.

The weekend read: This is how the bottom looks

Brent Cook’s take on how scary it looks out there, and why it might eventually and slowly get better.

Gold bullion ‘caught in China storm’

‘Gold [has been] caught in the storm as investors look for cash to pay margin calls elsewhere.’

‘Before it hits the fan': getting mining deal due diligence right

As lower energy and minerals prices drive acquisitions, Critical Resource has identified seven common pitfalls in companies’ approaches to assessing political and stakeholder challenges.

Gold bullion ‘still valid investment’

‘Its role as a hedge against financial market instability, currency weakness and the risk of inflation, continues to be valid.’

US Mint runs out of silver coins

This is the second time the mint has sold out of silver coins in the past 9 months.

Gold companies cheap to buy but not for long

Fund Manager Adrian Day considers whether these conditions will change in coming months. A Gold Report interview.

Platinum: Time for a cartel?

The chances are slim, and a stabilisation fund might be a better alternative.

One myth in the gold space

Jeb Handwerger debunks one myth in the gold space that could hold resource investors back. A Gold Report interview.

Waiting for Greece – probability and implications of leaving the EU

Investec Asset Management weighs in on the subject

Gold update: Greece and China in focus

SGE withdrawals jumped 41% in trading week 8-12 June. Chinese demand remains strong.


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