Platinum: Time for a cartel?

The chances are slim, and a stabilisation fund might be a better alternative.

One myth in the gold space

Jeb Handwerger debunks one myth in the gold space that could hold resource investors back. A Gold Report interview.

Waiting for Greece – probability and implications of leaving the EU

Investec Asset Management weighs in on the subject

Gold update: Greece and China in focus

SGE withdrawals jumped 41% in trading week 8-12 June. Chinese demand remains strong.

10 top uranium-producing countries

Here’s a look at the 10 top uranium-producing countries of 2014.

Mining needs to focus on the future – EY

EY’s latest mining risks survey saw a switch to growth leading the risks concerns.

Miners can make money at $1,200/oz gold

Gold at around $1,200/oz should result in sustainable production for some time, Geordie Mark tells The Gold Report.

Hold physical cash ‘including gold & silver’

Savers and investors should hold physical currencies, including precious metals, says a Fidelity fund manager.

What was it like Dad?

The weekend read: Brent Cook provides some perspective on resource markets.

Russia bought gold for ‘diversification’

Central Bank Governor says country will continue to buy gold for ‘principles of diversification.’

Why $1,200 is important for gold

Frank Holmes sees 15% climb from lows by end of the year.

Hand-me-down mining tips

Waiting for the next boom in mining won’t take a generation. Will it…?

Smart investors buy gold when prices are low

Current gold prices offer investors the best time of the year to buy physical gold.

Gold can’t go any lower

‘The current range of $1,170–1,210/oz represents gold’s lower-end price range’, Gwen Preston tells The Gold Report.

All doom and gloom in gold stocks?

It’s getting near ‘lights out’ for cash-lite, unprofitable gold juniors. But…

Costs improve, but as gold moves lower what is the true impact on producers?

In the latest Precious Metals Weekly, 10 major gold producers are identified as a peer group to analyse performance.

Yukon Premier: Our goal is to be the No.1 mining location

Darrel Pasloski shares mining-related goals for Yukon in this Gold Report interview.

Three Aussie miners positioned for success

In this Gold Report interview, Richard Karn identifies miners which look likely to attract institutional capital.

12 reasons to own gold now: Part 2

Anthony Hart provides 12 reasons why investing in gold may just be a good idea.


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