Miners with cash flow deserve your attention
Cash flow. That’s where investors should focus in 2015, says Philip Ker in this Gold Report interview.
12 reasons Ritholtz and many are mistaken on gold
Goldcore’s Mark O’Byrne attempts to offer a more fair, balanced, nuanced and enlightened debate about gold as an asset and a safe haven.
Where is the smart money going in mining?
Lawrence Roulston says investors should pay close attention to the flood of new money entering the mining sector. A Mining Report interview.
Nevada’s new mining mantra: Quality trumps quantity
A far less glamorous species of ore has become the quarry of a few shrewd mining juniors – copper oxides.
Mining M&A revival favours ‘quality’ juniors
Recent acquisitions reflects a new reality.
Global anxiety may be good for gold
International anxiety may be good for gold prices, says Mike Niehuser in this interview with The Gold Report.
Find gold/silver miners that can soar
In this Gold Report interview, Chris Thompson offers some precious metal names that could fly high.
Keep your eye on Dr. copper
When copper starts to bottom, it clearly reflects growth in China and the world, Mary Anne Aden tells The Gold Report.
Investors’ desire for precious metals rise – Levenstein
Gold and silver are having their best start to a year, writes David Levenstein.
Mining investors love to talk M&A
In this Gold Report interview, Brien Lundin discusses some of the most likely names in the M&A game.
Gold’s key role in Turkey’s economy
Turkey is the world’s fourth largest gold consumer and its economy benefits from the role it plays in daily life, says a new WGC report.
Mumbai gold available at discount
Physical gold is reportedly available at a discount in India in rare cases amid weak domestic demand.
For BHP, Rio, a commodity price challenge
The diversifieds face an uphill battle against falling prices.
Asian demand sucks all newly mined gold
There is little room for new demand except at higher prices, says Julian Phillips of the Gold Forecaster.
Helvetia in a handcart
COMMENT: The Swiss turn markets upside down. Why I own gold (and why you should, too).
Is market sentiment shifting to gold?
Where do investors go looking for returns? Eric Coffin suggests gold in this Gold Report interview.
Ron Stewart presents juicy gold takeover targets
In this Gold Report interview, Ron Stewart identifies several gold miners which are likely to excite interest from cashed-up suitors.
Don’t be fooled by cowardly gold bears
Invest in muddy, muscled, bull-headed explorers with noses tuned to sniffing out the purest of value, says Thibaut Lepouttre in a Gold Report interview.
ETP investors still gun-shy on gold
Exchange traded products backed by physical gold have seen eight consecutive quarterly reductions.
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