Amplats 2014 profit fell as much as 55%
The platinum miner says 2014 profit fell by as much as 55% because of South Africa’s longest mining strike.
Gold’s key role in Turkey’s economy
Turkey is the world’s fourth largest gold consumer and its economy benefits from the role it plays in daily life, says a new WGC report.
Mumbai gold available at discount
Physical gold is reportedly available at a discount in India in rare cases amid weak domestic demand.
Chile regulator could cancel Pascua-Lama mine permit
Chile’s environmental regulator is re-evaluating penalties on Barrick Gold’s Pascua-Lama project.
Platinum price ignoring strike action in SA – UBS
UBS notes the platinum price has yet to gain from strike action at the Zondereinde mine.
Mining too slow in female board appointments – group
Women in Mining U.K. has criticized top firms for being slow to correct the gender balance at board level.
What can we learn from latest German gold repatriation?
German gold repatriation continued in 2014 at a higher pace – but the overall slow speed leaves many questions unanswered.
Northam Platinum strikers to vote again on stoppage
Striking workers will hold another mass meeting to decide whether to continue a week-long wildcat stoppage.
Kosovo backtracks on bid to take control of giant mine
Kosovo said last week it will take control of Trepca, spurring Serbia to lobby the EU to prevent such a step.
Zimbabwe chamber sees mining shrinking for first year in 5
Due to commodity price drops and a lack of capital.
Australian iron ore ports face cyclone threat
The Pilbara Ports Authority has started evacuation of ships at Port Hedland and Dampier port.
Goa revokes two-year iron ore mining ban
The state expects mines could be back up and running by March or April at the earliest.
Cash-strapped Mongolia offers more land for mining
The additional land means that nearly a fifth of the country’s territory is now available for mining.
Group launches legal challenge against Carmichael mine
An Australian environmental group has launched a legal challenge against the $7bn coal mine project in the Galilee Basin.
Cerrejon coal mine output up 2.1% in 2014
2013 production and exports were affected by a month-long strike and guerrilla attacks against its rail line.
Chile copper mine water usage seen rising
Water consumption in Chile’s vast copper mining sector is set to rise 66% by 2025.
Mali gold companies mine 45.8 tonnes in 2014
According to customs data, total gold exports reached 67.4 tonnes in 2013.
India issues executive order to start mineral mine auctions
The order follows a similar directive issued in October for coal quarries.
Expect some big mining cost falls in Q1
The fall in the oil price will have a positive effect on operating costs at mines employing diesel-powered equipment and particularly those which have to rely on oil-fuelled generators.
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