Mauritius central bank seeks to buy gold from Australia
Mauritius’ central bank will buy an undisclosed amount of gold from Australia’s Perth Mint.
U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales dip in Feb
Sales were down 77% from January, as investors eyed the soaring stock markets.
India gold premiums set to rise
India’s finance minister surprised jewellers by maintaining import duty at a record level in Saturday’s budget.
Could China actually have 30,000 tonnes of gold in reserves?
Last year gold analyst, Alasdair Macleod, suggested that China had accumulated 25,000 tonnes of gold between 1982 and 2003.
SGE plans yuan-denominated gold fix
People close to the matter say the exchange plans to start a yuan-denominated gold fix this year.
3 killed over gold discovery on Mali-Guinea border
Mali says three of its nationals were killed during a violent skirmish over a gold discovery.
HK January gold exports to China confirm strong demand
An increase in net gold exports to mainland China in January partly confirms the continuing strong demand.
Gold exports lead Turkey to smallest trade gap since ‘10
The gap shrank 38 percent from a year ago in January to $4.31 billion.
Kyrgyzstan threatens to nationalise Centerra mine
The Kumtor gold mine will be nationalised unless Centerra agrees within a month to a proposed JV.
Thailand to let Kingsgate gold mine restart
Kingsgate’s shares will remain under voluntary suspension until the Chatree mine restarts.
Newcrest cuts stake in Evolution to pay debt
Newcrest sold just over half of its stake in fellow Australian gold producer Evolution.
Metallon to spend $78m to raise Zimbabwe gold output
Metallon will spend $78.3 million to buy new equipment and expand underground mining.
Gold rises on U.S. rate hike view, Chinese buying
Chinese buyers snapped up gold on their return from the Lunar New Year break.
Greece will not block Eldorado’s mining operations
Greece’s new government will not block Eldorado’s mining operations, says a senior energy ministry official.
Pan African Resources profit declines 63%
Second-half profit dropped 63% because it mined low-grade ore at its Evander mine.
Shanghai gold reopens higher
The premium for gold in Shanghai has reopened at a proportionally higher level.
Have the big banks been manipulating gold and silver prices?
The WSJ reports that at least 10 major banks are being investigated for precious metals price rigging by U.S. authorities.
Turkey cuts gold holdings for 2nd month – IMF
Turkey cut its holdings by 14.227 tonnes to 514.893 tonnes last month, reports the IMF.
Swiss watchdog probes possible gold market manipulation
WEKO is looking into possible manipulation of price fixing in the precious metals market.
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