Gold’s Top 20 – Mines, miners and countries

From specialist precious metals consultancy Metals Focus.

AngloGold gets approach for Mali mines as U.S. partner sought

The company is looking for a partner or buyer for the Cripple Creek & Victor mine in the U.S.

Gold Fields bosses get 21% raise before wage talks

Miner paid its 20 highest-ranking employees R176m in salaries, bonuses, pensions and share awards in 2014.

UBS bullish again on gold, gold miners

Here are UBS’ top 4 gold mining picks.

Higher rates pose no bar to gold rally for BofA, StanChart

Both banks say gold will probably advance in 2015, snapping 2 straight years of declines.

Natixis sees gold averaging $1,150/oz in 2015

The bank does however note that geopolitical tensions could drive up prices.

Randgold: Ups reserves, raises dividend, seeks more growth

Gold miner’s annual report notes the strong position it has been able to achieve despite the lower gold price.

China gold flows to hit Q1 record

Chinese gold flows as represented by withdrawals from the SGE will hit record levels for Q1 this year.

Polymetal widens net loss due to non-cash write-offs

The precious metals miner recorded a net loss of $210 million last year.

Oyu Tolgoi talks down to deal breaker issues – Rio CEO

Only a few matters remain on the table.

Red rag to gold bulls – JPMorgan added to LBMA Gold Price banks

JPMorgan has now been added to the LBMA Gold Price setting banks.

WGC cautions against common gold wisdoms

‘Gold falls as the dollar rises’ and ‘US interest rate rises are bad for gold’ are two seemingly accepted wisdoms which may not be entirely correct as a new WGC analysis points out.

US interest rate rise may not be bad for gold – WGC

The WGC claims higher US interest rates may not be as negative for gold prices as many believe.

Miners’ gold forward sales surged 103 T last year

The biggest annual increase since 1999, an industry report showed on Friday.

Gold pares gains after Yemen air strikes rattle markets

Gold pared gains after hitting a 3-1/2-week high on Thursday.

Kinross settles lawsuit tied to Mauritania debacle

The shareholder lawsuit accused Kinross of defrauding investors through an ill-advised mine acquisition in Mauritania.

Gold up through $1,200 as Dow and dollar fall

Geopolitical events also responsible for latest price surge.

Further downside on gold prices limited – CPM

Despite the prediction that new mined gold supply is still increasing.

Deflation may be good for gold – HSBC

HSBC’s James Steel says widespread deflationary pressures may be good for gold.
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