China sets up gold fund as part of Silk Road initiative

Expected to raise about $16.13 billion in three phases.

Russia/Kazakhstan raised gold holdings in April – IMF

Jordan entered as a steady buyer earlier this year, shows IMF data.

Austria to repatriate gold from Britain – newspaper

Krone newspaper reports that the country’s central bank plans to repatriate some of its gold reserves from Britain.

Barrick sells Cowal gold mine for $550m

Agrees to sell the mine to Australia’s Evolution Mining for $550 million.

Brewer-turned-miner wary of predators as gold M&A pace quickens

“Making and selling beer should have been a lot less risky than trying to find a gold mine”

Gold Fields among final bidders for Barrick mine

Submitted final offer for the Cowal gold mine in Australia.

Peak gold seen as ‘weaklings’ bite the dust

‘We are waiting for the weaklings to drop off’, says Polymetal CEO Vitaly Nesis.

Tanzania gold output snaps two-year decline

Output edged up 1.26% in 2014 to 1.27 million ounces.

Zimbabwe first-quarter gold output up 25%

Production rose to 4,180 kg in the January-March quarter.

Mali reports drop in mining earnings

Earnings slipped by around 6% last year due to a drop in gold output and lower prices.

Amara shows off its big West African gold project

Amara’s big Yaoure gold project in Cote d’Ivoire appears to be progressing well with a BFS due to be completed in the first half of next year.

GOLD MINING: Arctic discount ‘no longer relevant’

Sabina Gold & Silver also fleshes out smaller mining project it plans to study further.

South Africa’s NUM wants 84% pay increase for gold workers

A near 10 percentage-point increase on previous demands.

CME developing European gold futures contract

The contract would mirror existing futures traded on CME’s New York COMEX platform.

It’s time to hold more cash and buy gold

Bank of America advises owning gold and paper currency at this time.

Zim gold miner sees stability and growth

Caledonia Mining reckons mining in Zimbabwe is far less risky than generally perceived.

Sabina outlines feasibility of large gold project

Sabina Gold & Silver issues an outline of the feasibility study of the Back River gold project, one of the few large gold projects in the hands of a junior.

Will China go for a gold standard? The jury is out!

Bloomberg’s Ken Hoffmann sets out his researchers’ findings on the possibility of China coming up with some form of gold standard to back the yuan.

India’s gold monetisation plan lacks lustre – industry

Support from banks will be crucial for the success of the monetisation plan.
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