2015 Black Swans abounding – Safe Haven gold to benefit
Global economic uncertainty may prompt return to safe haven gold buying.
Russia continues to build its gold reserves
Russia’s Central Bank has reported it has further expanded its national gold holdings in December.
Freeport McMoRan to spend $17bn in Indonesia
The $17 billion will be used to build a copper smelter and develop its gold/copper mines.
Riskier money flows
C$800m flows to junior gold companies in the past week or so. Significant, but not earth shattering.
Elliott Wave analyst sees much higher gold/silver prices ahead
Gold, silver and base metals too are set for major upturn this year, according to Elliott Wave analysts.
How gold will react to the ECB today
A roundup of analyst comment on the expected reaction by the gold price to possible Eurozone money printing.
Gold hits huge new all-time high – in the Russian ruble!
In most other currencies, the gold price has done far better than it has in the U.S dollar and in the currently depressed Russian ruble.
Gold’s key role in Turkey’s economy
Turkey is the world’s fourth largest gold consumer and its economy benefits from the role it plays in daily life, says a new WGC report.
Mumbai gold available at discount
Physical gold is reportedly available at a discount in India in rare cases amid weak domestic demand.
New Year gold stock rally hides troubles that run deep
Gold stocks are now on a tear, driven by higher bullion, cheaper oil and currency moves.
Chile regulator could cancel Pascua-Lama mine permit
Chile’s environmental regulator is re-evaluating penalties on Barrick Gold’s Pascua-Lama project.
Gold fifth best performing commodity of 2014
Palladium performed best in dollar terms of all commodities in 2014, while gold’s overall performance was far better than most others.
Eldorado Gold plunges amid downgrades
Outlook described as ‘disappointing’.
Count Agnico Eagle out
Goldcorp to buy Agnico Eagle shares in Probe as takeover unfolds.
DRDGold expects better production
Due to the restoration of metallurgical efficiencies.
Asian demand sucks all newly mined gold
There is little room for new demand except at higher prices, says Julian Phillips of the Gold Forecaster.
Gold breaches $1,300 – but beware potential headwinds
There could also be some adverse factors ahead which could bring it back down again sharply.
Cheap oil: Gold miners that profit most
Analysts with Cowen and Company rank which major gold miners will benefit most from lower oil costs.
Gold nears $1,300/oz
Gold continues to make gains.
JSE ALSI49,8170.00%2015-01-26 05:54 +0000
Hang Seng24,826-0.10%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Nikkei17,461-0.29%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
NASDAQ4,7580.16%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Dow Jones close17,8142015-01-26 05:55 +0000
S&P 500 close2,0632015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Gold1,294.240.00%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Silver18.312015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Platinum1,265.00-0.30%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Palladium764.65-1.42%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Gold ZAR/oz14,779.97-0.08%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
Brent Crude48.35-0.90%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
USD / Euro0.895-0.22%2015-01-26 05:54 +0000
CAD / USD0.803-0.12%2015-01-26 05:54 +0000
ZAR / USD0.0880.21%2015-01-26 05:55 +0000
UAD / USD0.7890.10%2015-01-26 05:54 +0000
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