How significant was the 32% fall in HK gold exports to China?
At 750 tonnes, HK gold exports to China were down 32% y/y, but how important in reality are these HK figures nowadays in terms of total Chinese demand?
Goldman Sachs stays ultra-bearish on gold long term
Gold’s recent strength has caused Goldman Sachs analysts to up their near-term price predictions.
Zimbabwe state miner lures investors to gold mines
ZMDC is in talks to persuade foreign investors to inject $50 million into three of the nation’s gold mines.
Romarco gets it done
Romarco covers funding needs for the Haile gold project with $300m financing, $200m debt agreement.
Correction – Dutch central bank says it hasn’t increased gold holdings
The Dutch national bank has denied reports that it has increased its gold reserves in December as reported earlier.
Dutch break ranks and increase gold reserves
The central bank of the Netherlands has broken ranks with its fellow Eurozone members by announcing an increase of nearly 10 tonnes in its gold reserves in December.
Sirius ups exploration budget after gold find
Its Baloo prospect in Western Australia state sent its stock up more than 11% one day last week.
Sibanye Gold reports record production in Q4 2014
This is despite the loss of over 500 kg due to the underground fire at Driefontein mine.
BaFin finds no signs of gold price manipulation
The German regulator has found no evidence to support allegations of manipulation in the gold market.
Predict commodity prices ($) and win cash
$2,000 up for grabs for Mineweb and Moneyweb community members.
Netherlands increases gold holdings for first time since ’98
Central banks globally are adding gold to reserves after reducing holdings for about two decades from the late 1980s.
Gold turbulent on Greek aftermath
The Greek election result fallout will likely create significant waves in the gold market looking ahead – while there’s always the Ukraine to spice things up…
Barclays: Gold rally to burn out
Barclays sees headwinds overpowering gold’s recent rally.
Gold slips as equities recover after Greek vote
Gold has gained about 9% so far this month, largely due to safe-haven demand.
Precious metals coveted once more as Draghi acts
Mario Draghi’s $1.3 trillion pledge drove gold to a 5-month high and silver to the brink of a bull market.
Goldman cuts base metal price forecasts, ups gold
The investment bank increased its 2015 average price forecast for gold to $1,262/oz.
CME starts gold futures in Hong Kong
CME joins a slew of other exchanges vying to establish new price benchmarks in the region.
Despite higher gold price Chinese demand still surging
The latest SGE withdrawal figures show withdrawals of 70 tonnes for the week ending Jan 16th – the third highest weekly figure ever.
2015 Black Swans abounding – Safe Haven gold to benefit
Global economic uncertainty may prompt return to safe haven gold buying.
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Dow Jones close17,3872015-01-29 10:48 +0000
S&P 500 close2,0302015-01-29 10:46 +0000
Gold1,275.98-0.62%2015-01-29 10:47 +0000
Silver17.66-1.83%2015-01-29 10:43 +0000
Platinum1,246.50-0.65%2015-01-29 10:47 +0000
Palladium788.70-0.91%2015-01-29 10:47 +0000
Gold ZAR/oz14,796.55-0.46%2015-01-29 10:47 +0000
Brent Crude48.961.05%2015-01-29 10:47 +0000
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