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Gold scarce, India's silver jewellery exports double

By Shivom Seth

Shortage of gold as a raw material and the consequent decline in gold jewellery exports has opened up new avenues of growth for silver jewellery.

Bank gold and silver analysts: out of touch, out of context and off the mark

By Dr Jeffrey Lewis

The major bank analysts whose gold and silver price predictions have an undue influence on metal prices may have a hidden agenda.


Gold ETFs stable, silver catching up - Phillips

By Julian Phillips

Gold ETF holdings were stable in recent trading and the silver price starts to move, Julian Phillips writes.


Silver being left behind in latest gold price surge – but don’t despair!

By Lawrence Williams

Silver was left behind as gold surged following the FOMC minutes release. But despite some adverse analytical comment the overall picture may be rather more positive.

  • $10/oz silver in 2015 among Natixis scenarios

  • Very strong Q1 silver and gold production growth from Hecla

    By Dorothy Kosich

    U.S. based silver-gold miner Hecla Mining reported a 32% increase in silver production and tripled gold output in the first quarter of the year.


    Silver and zinc guidance held despite rain Silver Standard Q1

    By Dorothy Kosich

    Silver Standard said it will report its production and cost guidance for its newly acquired Marigold mine on May 8, 2014, after markets close.

    Second Endeavour Silver mineworker killed in Mexico

    By Reuters

    A worker at Endeavour Silver’s El Cubo mine was killed on Saturday, barely a week after another fatality at its Guanacevi mine.


    Silver/gold miner Coeur ‘well positioned’ for strong year

    By Dorothy Kosich

    “Our first quarter operational performance represents a solid start to the new year,” said Coeur Mining CEO Mitchell Krebs.

    UK’s Royal Mint strikes special shipwreck silver coin

    By Dorothy Kosich

    Minted from a shipment of silver bullion that spent decades beneath the sea, the story of the SS Gairsoppa and the survival of only one of her crew has been honored by the Royal Mint.


    $10/oz silver in 2015 among Natixis scenarios

    By Kip Keen

    It goes as low as $10 an ounce silver in its silver price forecast for 2015, noting downside risks greater for silver than gold.

    Gold technicals and fundamentals now strong again

    By Julian Phillips

    As the new month opens both technical and fundamental factors should see the gold price moving back up again says Julian Phillips.


    Polymetal hit by fall in gold and silver prices

    By Reuters

    The Russian miner posted a full-year net loss, hit by a $366 million impairment charge resulting from the decline in gold and silver prices.

    Silver price-fixing conspiracy theorists lose battle but continue war

    By Dorothy Kosich

    Years of litigation and investigations regarding alleged silver price fixing by JPMorgan may be headed to the Supreme Court.


    S&P lowers Coeur Mining rating to B

    By Dorothy Kosich

    Coeur Mining has become the second major US silver/gold company to experience a downgrade in credit ratings this week.

    Moody’s downgrades Hecla Mining’s ratings

    By Dorothy Kosich

    Citing potentially lower gold, silver and base metals prices and demand, as well as “substantial near-term capital spending plans”, Moody’s has lowered credit ratings for Hecla Mining.


    600t Singapore silver vault starting as demand climbs

    By Chanyaporn Chanjaroen (Bloomberg)

    Supplier of coins and bars, Silver Bullion, plans to open a 600 metric ton vault in Singapore on the back on growing investor demand.

    Silver Wheaton reports record production, reserve increase

    By Dorothy Kosich

    The silver streaming company reported a 22% jump in silver equivalent production to 35.8m ounces for 2013.


    Silver imports soar 180% in India

    By Shivom Seth

    Lower silver prices have ensured that India brought in record quantities - 5,500 tonnes - of silver in 2013, as compared to 1,900 tonnes in 2012.

    Peru in talks with Bear Creek to avoid free trade suit

    By Reuters

    Peru is working with Bear Creek to avoid being sued by the Canadian miner under free trade protections over its suspended silver project.


    ‘Exceptionally strong U.S. silver jewelry sales in 2013’ - survey

    By Dorothy Kosich

    Silver jewelry has become an increasingly important category for many jewelry for the past several seasons, as U.S. silver jewelry sales grew for the fifth consecutive year.

    Taiwan to allow banks to sell gold/silver coins from China

    By Reuters

    The move comes amid deepening ties in cross-strait relations, says the island's Financial Supervisory Commission.


    Workers end strike at Buenaventura’s silver mine

    By Reuters

    Contract workers at the Uchucchacua mine in Peru have ended a strike that began last week, says owner Buenaventura.

    Is a silver supply shortage on the horizon?

    By Charlotte McLeod

    Andrew Chanin, co-founder of the PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF, says we are entering a tug-of-war era between investment and industrial demand.


    Guiding principles for precious metal equity investing - Phillips

    By Julian Phillips

    Julian Phillips looks at some of the principles investors should stick to when investing in gold and silver miners.

    Silver's three main drivers for 2014 - HSBC

    By Geoff Candy

    Improving industrial demand and continued supply growth are expected to keep silver range bound in 2014.


    Buenaventura hit by strike at Peru silver mine

    By Reuters

    Contract workers at its Uchucchacua silver mine went on a strike on Tuesday, protesting the sacking of 10 employees and pushing for better working conditions.

    ‘Challenging year’, losses prompts Hochschild Mining to suspend dividend

    By Dorothy Kosich

    Hochschild’s silver equivalent production exceeded 2013 guidance and is expected to rise to 21 million SEO in 2914.


    Hochschild scraps dividend as weak metals prices bite

    By Reuters

    The London-listed company has announced plans to suspend dividend payments until its financial situation improves.

    Will platinum, palladium and silver outperform gold this year?

    By Lawrence Williams

    While gold has been in the ascendant so far this year, the ‘other’ precious metals – silver, platinum and palladium, have also seen rises. Will any of these leapfrog gold as the year progresses.


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