Zinc, nickel Scotiabank’s top picks for investors

By Dorothy Kosich

Mining companies to continue to divest non-core assets and spin off undervalued operations.

Aurum Mining LLC reportedly involved in $3.9m gold mining scheme

By Dorothy Kosich

Aurum Mining LLC claimed to have a 50% interest in a $400m Brazilian gold mining JV.


Despite rulemaking ban, US DOI will continue sage grouse fight

By Dorothy Kosich

New Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act gives U.S. miners some breathing room from ESA and “Waters of the U.S.” designations.


For Lundin Gold the Fruta del Norte test begins

By Kip Keen

Lundin Gold now owns Fruta Del Norte. Making it work in Ecuador where Kinross could not will still be a huge challenge.

Have gold and silver really bottomed this time?

By Lawrence Williams

Precious metals bulls called a gold and silver price bottom throughout recent years of price declines. Will they be correct this time around?


Obama tightens environmental noose around resource-rich Alaska

By Dorothy Kosich

Will the president’s permanent ban on oil & gas development in Alaska’s Bristol Bay weaken Northern Dynasty’s chances for Pebble project approval?

Credit Suisse cuts 2015 gold price, bullish on zinc

By Dorothy Kosich

Predicts the silver price will remain weak in 2015 in the wake of 16% decline in the 4Q14.


Lower Barrick ore grades, Midas sale cuts into U.S. gold output

By Dorothy Kosich

U.S. gold exports plunged 41% during the first nine months of this year, says the U.S. Geological Survey.

Harmony, Newcrest bang out better Wafi-Golpu design

By Kip Keen

Wafi-Golpu, a large undeveloped copper-gold deposit, gets a second and much more favourable look by Newcrest and Harmony Gold.

  • Harmony, Newcrest to spend $2.3bn on Papua New Guinea mine

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    Credit Suisse cuts 2015 gold price, bullish on zinc

    Wednesday , 17 Dec 2014

    Predicts the silver price will remain weak in 2015 in the wake of 16% decline in the 4Q14.

    Resolution Copper, NV Copper close to approval on Pumpkin Hollow

    Monday , 15 Dec 2014

    On an 89-11 vote Friday, the U.S. Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which now goes to the president for his signature.

    Gold hedging creeps back

    Tuesday , 16 Dec 2014

    GFMS sees net hedging this year.

    Take Glencore's bullish metal forecasts with a grain of salt

    Friday , 12 Dec 2014

    Glencore makes some worthwhile points on impending metal deficits - but they're aggressive.

    Cowen foresees NA Sr. gold miners’ AISC under $1,000/oz

    Friday , 12 Dec 2014

    Newmont Mining, Royal Gold and Yamana Gold are Cowen and Company’s top three North American senior gold company picks.

    Industrial silver use will jump 27% by 2018 - CRU

    Wednesday , 10 Dec 2014

    Increased use of silver has driven consumption growth in China and India and is expected to continue.

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